Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cartagena, Spain

After passing through the Strait of Gibraltar and entering the Mediterranean Sea, the ship anchored off the coast of Cartagena, Spain for their second liberty port.


1st day – Secretary of the Navy Reception – AWESOME!!!  I’ve got some great pics to show and the SECNAV actually cut the cake with our sword, which is engraved with our wedding day’s date!  The setup was spectacular and my team that contributed did a fantastic job!

2nd day – Cartagena by Foot walking tour was an absolute blast.  We had a really good time and a really great tour guide.  I was up early and on the boat out to the pier.  We started by walking around the lower elevation of Cartagena and then headed on up the mountain to one of the fortresses.  The city/harbor is surrounded by mountains and protects the harbor with fortresses on top. The photos tell it all…what a gorgeous place that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Can’t wait to bring my wife to this city for a week or two!  Sangria wine….yummy!!!


3rd day – Duty day!

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