Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cling Wrap Painted Flowers

I am digging the new centerpiece on my kitchen table!  Best flowers ever!


I found the tutorial to make these cute flowers over at Ape 2 Zebra Toys.  It was a really easy project.  And a big plus…no mess!  No paint on fingers, no paint on clothes…awesome!  (I still used washable paint just in case!)

Trenton picked out two colors to put on his flower, I covered it with cling wrap, and then he smashed, smushed, banged, and patted the flower to make a neat tie-dyeish painted flower.


After seeing how this type of painting worked, Trenton became very serious about his art.


Charlotte was excited about getting to make her own flowers.  She loved going, “pat, pat, pat” to her flowers, but as soon as I took the camera out, she wanted it!


Trenton’s flowers are on the top, and Charlotte’s are on the bottom.  So cute!


It took a full 24 hours for the paint to totally dry.  I poked holes in the flowers with a paper clip, threaded pipe cleaners through the holes, into and out of buttons, and back through the same hole in the flowers. 

I LOVE our new flowers!  And they will never wilt!


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Eileen said...

This is so cute, Jenny! I imagine it was right down Trenton's alley too, since he isn't big on getting his fingers dirty.