Monday, June 13, 2011

Gifts for a Deployed Daddy

With Jarrod deployed for Father’s Day and his birthday for the second year in a row, I’ve had to become pretty inventive when it comes to gift giving.

But why reinvent the wheel, right?  A couple of internet searches yielded some wonderful ideas.

I found this great idea and free download for a Father’s Day gift over at Nothing But Country.


I triple bagged these before putting them in my flat rate box just in case they burst en route to Jarrod.  Wouldn’t want them to ruin the rest of the gifts we packed!

Pillowcases are great gifts to send to a deployed loved one.  I took this handprint birthday cake idea from Meet the Dubiens, and had Trenton put it on a pillowcase.


Daddy was going to get two birthday cakes on his pillowcase (Trenton’s and Charlotte’s), but after painting Trenton’s hand and trying to keep him from smearing the paint before I could finish, I knew there was no way I could make a cake with Charlotte’s hand.  Maybe next year!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why the year is in a black box, mommy brain got the best of me.


Painting a black box to cover my mistake and then painting white numbers was definitely a better idea than my original; painting 2000+11.

Charlotte made Daddy’s balloon birthday card.


I thought that fingerprint balloons would be a cute idea.  Charlotte wanted to point her finger straight down onto the paper though, so the balloons don’t really look like fingerprints.  I was still really happy with the way the card turned out.

Handmade/homemade gifts are always so fun to make, and gift recipients usually love them.  What are some of your favorites?

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Farmer Heath said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love these gifts for your deployed daddy! The pillowcase is TOO cute! And I love the card with the balloons.

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

What great gifts for your soldier daddy! That pillow case is awesome!
happy crafting!
PS I totally understand the mom brain thing! lol

Jill said...

So cute! Thank-you so much for linking to me. I just love the thumbprint balloons too. What a great idea.