Friday, July 29, 2011

Down on the Farm

The kids and I traveled down to Virginia Beach this morning to meet some friends at Hunt Club Farm.

My little man was ready for morning feeding rounds!

Hunt Club Farm; petting zoo; Virginia Beach

And so were the goats!


Until Trenton got scared and dropped the bucket of feed!  Some chickens flew the coop and took care of cleaning it up.

Since we didn’t have anything to feed the goats, we went inside their pen to play with them.  Trenton didn’t really want to touch them, but Charlotte was super excited!


Apparently the attention of a sweet little girl doesn’t compare to the smell of more food!


Charlotte took the break from the goats to pose for a couple of pictures.


I love this next picture but hate the fact that Charlotte isn’t in focus.  Grrr…


After we were finished loving on the goats, we went to visit the chickens.  Again, Trenton was not interested.  I was trying to keep up with Charlotte climbing in and out of the coop and Trenton drawing in the dirt, so I didn’t get any good chicken pictures.

Although Trenton hadn’t been too excited about any animals up to this point, he was excited about operating an excavator!


After digging a big hole, we spent some time on the playground.

Then it was off to ride ponies!  Trenton walked right up to Little Joe, the pony that he was going to ride, and said “Neigh Neigh!”  He then turned to me and said, “I talk to horse!”.  He was so excited and was sure that Little Joe knew what he was saying!  This was one animal that he was excited about, and he did a great job of holding on to the pony!


Before Trenton dismounted, I thought I would get a picture of both kids in the saddle.  Charlotte was okay until I let go of her.


Trenton went and played on the playground with his friends while I held on to Charlotte riding the pony.  After two laps, she was a little happier.


This wasn’t quite as much fun as the country living we did with Mimi and Pops, but this will hold us over until we go back to Texas again!


Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl said...

Just came across your blog via The Imagination Tree. You have some really great ideas! This place sounds so awesome and your kiddos look like they thoroughly enjoyed it! Even though my guys are a little older than yours, I think I'm going to try the spaghetti and the celery, too!

Jenny said...

Thanks! I remember my mom always having fun stuff for my brother and me to do when we were little, so am glad I am able to pass that along to my kids.