Monday, July 18, 2011

Halfway There

Today is the halfway point through the terrible twos for this little man!


Trenton can be sweet, loving, funny, smart, and well-mannered, but he can also make me want to pull my hair out!  The thing I struggle most with is making him understand that he needs to SLOW DOWN!  He runs around chasing Charlotte and Bailey, speed drives his car through the house, and runs full speed pushing the dump truck, corn popper, or whatever else he can find.  I’ve tried everything I can think of to get him to slow down (including putting 25 pounds of weights in his car to weigh it down), but so far nothing has worked.  And tonight, Trenton was running around with the corn popper and ran into his sister, giving Charlotte her first busted lip.  Hopefully I can find something that will make him understand that he needs to slow down soon.

Trenton is definitely witty though.  This is what happened last night after I told him to go slower in his car.  Less than two minutes later, he was going speeding through the house again.  I called him over to where I was…

Me: Trenton, can you turn your listening ears on?
Trenton:  No ma’am.
Me:  Why not?
Trenton:  Batteries out.

Really?  I had to turn around so that he didn’t see me laugh!

Trenton has graduated from speech therapy!  When the therapist evaluated him last month, he was at a 3 year old level for his speech.  She found that he was behind in his gross motor skills though.  A physical therapist came out to visit about a week ago, and Trenton will be seeing her once a month.  Trenton “w sits” which has caused his hip muscles to weaken.  We are working on jumping, standing on one foot, and some other exercises and activities to strengthen Trenton’s hip muscles.  We are also having “boot camp” to correct his sitting.

On to potty training!  While we were back in Texas at my parents’ house, we worked really hard on getting Trenton potty trained.  It took a little while and a lot of work, but he is pretty well trained!  He has issues with #2 sometimes, and also still sleeps in pull ups, but otherwise rarely has an accident.  Jarrod told me that since I did so well training Trenton, I should get Charlotte trained too – before he gets home from deployment! 

Trenton is still a picky eater, but he has at least started trying a few new things here and there.  I think he could live off of cereal though.  He wakes up asking for “cereal in bowl of milk” and normally wants the same thing for both his morning and afternoon snack.  Oh well, cereal is healthier than candy at snack time, right?

I love this kiddo so much – even on the days when I think I may wind up more bald than his daddy!


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