Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Little American Idol

Trenton has always loved music.  He likes hearing the same songs over and over in the car.  It has gotten to where we take turns listening to music in the car.  He gets to listen to his kiddie music on our way to wherever it is that we’re going, and I get to listen to my music on the way home.  Trenton likes listening to music on the computer too.  His favorite singer to listen to on the computer is none other than George Strait.  Trenton has good taste in music!

Trenton has really taken on an interest for singing lately.  Last night we talked to my parents on Skype.  They had to leave to go to dinner, but Trenton still wanted to sing a song for them.  Apparently he wanted Mimi and Pops to hear him all the way in Texas!

Tonight Trenton wanted to sing a duet with Mommy.  He sings this one a lot quieter, so if you had to turn down your volume for the last song, you’ll want to turn it back up for this one. 

Some of Trenton’s other favorite songs to sing are Ring Around the Rosie, She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain (he calls this one Daddy Song, and sings that Daddy is coming around the mountain), Leaving on an Airplane (rather than Jet Plane), and Let’s Go, Let’s Go, Let’s Rock and Roll from Grease 2 (I sing this song to get us to quit dawdling and get out the door when we’re going somewhere).

I don’t know if he’ll ever be an American Idol, but Trenton’s singing will always be music to my ears!

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