Monday, September 19, 2011

John Deere Tractor Appliqued Preschool Bag

All of the kids at Trenton’s preschool carry the same canvas tote bags.  One side has the school’s logo, and the other side is blank.  I sent Trenton to his first two days of school without having the blank side decorated.  Gasp!  He wasn’t the only one without a decorated bag, especially in his class of first-year students, but the majority of the older kids have their bags decorated.

I’m happy to say that Trenton no longer has a boring undecorated canvas tote.  I stayed up late last night putting this together.


Trenton loves tractors, and I’m sure that he’ll be beyond excited about taking his newly fancied up bag to school tomorrow!  I haven’t shown it to him yet.  I’ll surprise him with it tomorrow morning.

To make the bag, I cut a few tractors out of a piece of John Deere fabric and set them out on the bag to decide how to arrange them.  I then printed Trenton’s name off on the computer to figure out the spacing of the letters.  It took me a few tries to get the font size right. (I wound up using 120pt.)

My finger joints got a treat and didn’t have to cut out letters more than once.  I set my printed out letters behind my black fabric and then traced the outline onto the fabric with a fabric pencil.  One of those lighted table things would have worked great here, but our copy of “How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?” got the job done fine. 

Sorry for the blurry picture!

I used this Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick Fusible Web for the next steps.

This stuff has two sheets of paper with sticky webbing in the middle.  I pulled off one side of the paper, and stuck all of my fabric down.


The next step was the most tedious – cutting out all of the pieces.  Sitting on the floor trying to watch football while working on this step probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but the bag looks great, I have no aching joints, and I got to watch an exciting game of football!

Once all of my pieces were cut out, I pulled the paper away from the back of the fabric leaving the webbing stuck to the fabric. 

My cutouts were now sticky enough so that I could put them on the bag while still being able to move them around to be spaced correctly.


*Side note: Jarrod had nautical themed bathroom décor when he was in college. Want to guess how old our ironing board cover is??? Maybe I should put making a new one on my list of projects!

With my iron set on high and the steam setting on, I pressed the appliques onto the bag for about 20 seconds in each area. 


Now Trenton’s name and tractors are permanently bonded to his bag, and it looks wonderful!


I can’t wait to see my little man’s reaction when he sees his newly tractored-out preschool bag!

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