Friday, September 23, 2011

Stop, Drop, and Roll!

We like fire trucks – a lot!  We just had the chance to get an up close look at rescue vehicles at our local library’s Read with a Hero program a couple of weeks ago.  And yesterday, we got another look.  This time at an actual fire station!  One of our MOMS Club members coordinated a tour for all of the kids.  It was so much fun! 

We got to see where the firefighters eat, sleep, and hang out.  One of the firefighters showed us how they get dressed into all of their gear.  A few of the kids were brave enough to go take a closer look at him.  Trenton was one of them!


The kids were really excited about the next part – getting to climb up in the truck to act like they were driving!


I love comparing these next two photos!  Trenton was 17 months old the first time he was in a fire truck.  He is now 32 months old. 

Fire Tuck

As we walked around the fire truck, we found some coveralls and fire boots.  Trenton asked if he could put the boots on, but he was fine standing behind them for a picture.  He refused to smile for a picture; instead, he yelled “Fire!”. 


The kids got a quick lesson on how to stop, drop, and roll and how to crawl under smoke.  We all walked outside, and the fire truck had been pulled out, and the lights were flashing!  After a couple tries at group pictures (have you ever tried getting a large group of toddlers and preschoolers to pose for a picture?!?!), the kids were given fire hats and goodie bags.

My kiddos looked so cute in their fire hats!  …And this was the best picture I could get…


What a fabulous trip!  We had a wonderful time!

And if you are a fan of Trenton’s cute fire truck shirt, I found it here

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