Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Buddies

The reason I picked the dates I did for our recent trip to Texas was so that the kids and I could spend my birthday with family.  And since my dad’s birthday is the day after mine, we could celebrate his birthday too!

My dad and I are birthday buddies.  I was born 30 minutes before his 25th birthday.  Before my mom started pushing, the nurses asked her if she wanted to wait a little while longer so my dad and I could share a birthday.  Want to guess what her answer was after already laboring for 23 hours?!?!

Here are the birthday buddies 28 years ago. (That 23 hour labor thing did a number on my poor little head!)

Dad & Jenny 1983

And here we are now (well, a few days ago, but you get the point).


Oh, and want another fun fact?  My mom and brother are birthday buddies too!  Bradley was born the day after my mom turned 27.

We are a pretty cool family!

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Eileen said...

How cool that you have birthdays so close together, and your mom and brother too!