Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dressed Up Pumpkins

We picked up a couple more pumpkins this week and decided that our brood of pumpkins needed to get dressed.

Since the pumpkin that Charlotte picked out last weekend is just a baby, it gets to stay inside out of the cold.

We dressed up the two pumpkins the kids picked out on Trenton’s preschool field trip (more to come on that later) as mummies.


Gauze might have looked a little better, but my first aid kit was lacking, so we wrapped our pumpkins in medical tape instead (and now I really need to redo the first aid kit since all the tape is now gone!).  We glued on some googly eyes, and we had ourselves some mummies!

And do you remember this pumpkin that Trenton picked out last weekend? 


Well, this is what the big bootied pumpkin looks like now….


And no, I did not pull these out of my underwear drawer.  This pumpkin has a lot more junk in the trunk than I do!

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