Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Fun at Rocky Creek Maze

Bradley and Courtney came up to spend the weekend at Mom and Dad’s house, and we all traveled out to Moulton (a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere) to get lost at the Rocky Creek Maze.


What a fun time!  We went through the maze (and didn’t even have to call 911 to help us get out!), rode a train, went down the hay slide and a pipe slide, shot the corn cannon, milked a cow, raced ducks, hopped hay bales, jumped on the frog hopper, and took a hay ride.  I think that the big kids had just as much fun as the little kids! 


(Yes, the corn is a lot shorter than normal.  That’s what an extreme drought does.)






We will definitely be visiting Rocky Creek Maze again the next time we are in Texas in the fall!


the dated said...

Moulton is not in the middle of nowhere. It is right outside of Hallettsville!!!! :)

Jenny said...

Haha! My point exactly! :)

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