Friday, October 21, 2011

Footprint Ghosts

My dear friend Tracy found the cutest little footprint ghosts on Pinterest, and I knew they would make the perfect craft to send to Daddy.

I was planning to do these at the beginning of the month giving the military mail system plenty of time to get my mail to a ship halfway around the world.

Then life handed me two sick kids while trying to get ready for a trip to Texas. 

The ghosts never happened. 

Until today.

 Footprint GhostsFootprint Ghosts

It’s too late to send them and have them make it to the ship in time for Halloween, but they’ll be hanging on the wall when Daddy gets home!

Hope you like the pictures of your ghosts, Jarrod!  We’ll hopefully do a better job for Thanksgiving! 

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Eileen said...

We did these the other day too (minus the moon). So cute and easy!

Jenny said...

I love handprint/footprint stuff! It gets a little tricky when one kid is wanting to "help" the other, but we normally make duplicates so that I get at least one good piece of art for each kid!

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

This is great! I love the Little Foot Prints ;-) Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase

the dated said...

they turned out so cute!!!