Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coliseum Central Holiday Parade

We met up with some friends last weekend to watch our first Christmas parade of the season.  The weather has been unseasonable warm here, but on the morning of the parade, temps dipped down into the 30s making it feel a little more like Christmas.  Lucky for my cold-natured self, the sun was out making it feel a lot warmer than it actually was.  The kids loved the parade.  Trenton was of course most excited about the police cars and fire truck.  Charlotte was all about the balloons.  Both kids were pretty excited about seeing Santa Claus too.  We’ll see if that excitement carries over to sitting on the jolly old fellow’s lap!


This next picture is from while we were waiting on the parade to get started.  Charlotte kept wanting to run off and visit all of the people sitting around us.  She was about to run off once again, and I told her that she needed to stay with us.  She stopped, looked back at me, gave me this look, and turned back around and ran off!


I can only imagine what this one is going to be like in her teenage years!

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