Friday, November 11, 2011

Pumpkin Seed Tree

Remember how I said I washed and dried the pumpkin seeds from our pumpkin goop a few days ago, and I was going to try my hand at dyeing them for a project?  Well, dyeing the seeds worked, and we made the cutest fall trees out of them today!


I found the idea for this project here, and changed it up a little to suit my two toddlers.

I tried boiling my dried seeds in water and food coloring to dye them, but I didn’t have too much luck with that.  This is how I dyed our seeds:

- Fill a mug about half full with warm water, add a Tbsp or so of white vinegar, and then add food coloring. 
Put the seeds in the mug and let them soak until they reach the desired color.  I let mine soak about 3 hours. 
Pull the seeds out of the mugs, and let dry on wax paper overnight.  DSC_0688

We used hand/forearm prints to make our tree limbs and trunk.


After the paint was dry, the kids glued their pumpkin seed leaves down. 

Trenton was very meticulous about the placement of his leaves.

I put the glue down for Charlotte, and she would grab a handful of pumpkin seeds and throw them into the glue while saying, “Ta da!”.  Maybe she’s the Emeril of the art world!



Such cute trees, and we still have dyed pumpkin seeds left over.  Hmm…maybe there is a pumpkin seed turkey on the horizon……

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