Friday, December 30, 2011

A Day Without a Plan

Jarrod had off today, and we started the day without a plan, but what a fun day it turned out to be! 

We knew that we wanted to get out to do something, and while getting ready, we decided to drive up to Williamsburg to ride the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry across the James River into Surry.  This ferry ride was a first for everyone in the family.  Charlotte and Jarrod took advantage of the smooth ride to catch some zzzz, while Trenton and I got out of the car to explore.  Trenton loved seeing another ferry pass us!


After the 20-minute ride across the river, it was almost time for lunch.  We found a local café, and ate a very tasty meal. 

I had my new iPad with me, and had done some searching while we were on the road.  Our next destination would be the Seaboard Station Railroad Museum in Suffolk.

The museum is housed in an old train station dating back to 1885.  Not that my kids cared one bit about the building being an actual old train station.  They were all about the HO-scale (1/87) model of Suffolk, circa 1907, with the six railroads that ran through the town at that time.  The detail on the model was amazing.  Jarrod and I didn’t have a lot of time to check it out though while making sure our kids didn’t touch anything.  I think Trenton could have stayed and watched the model trains all day!  The museum also had a spiral staircase leading up to an observation tower overlooking the railroad crossing below.  Unfortunately, no trains passed by in the nearly two hours we were at the museum.  Trenton and Charlotte also had a lot of fun in the kiddie room with a train table, train books, and an old train bell.  Outside was a 1962 caboose that was open for viewing.


Such an enjoyable day!  Maybe we need to have some more “fly by the seat of our pants” type days to see what other fun local attractions we can find!

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