Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas From the Family

We had a fantastic Christmas!  It was low-key, but wonderful all the same.

In addition to making cookies for Santa yesterday, Christmas Eve mass was also on the day’s agenda.  We snapped a few pictures before we left for church.

Christmas morning presents!  And a LOT of them!


Trenton has been wanting to go on “Daddy’s ship” to eat Cheetos and jump on Daddy’s bed all week.  We’ve been telling him that we would go to the ship on Christmas, and this morning after he finished opening gifts, he started singing, “It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!  Now we can go to Daddy’s ship!”.  The kid was definitely excited!  The ship was having a nice meal for Christmas.  Not that Trenton cared.  He ate “Ship Hay” (frosted mini wheats), cake, and a cookie.  Charlotte ate the full spread of food though.  And both kids had fun seeing where Daddy sleeps and jumping on his bed.  After leaving the ship, we drove around showing Trenton (Charlotte fell asleep as soon as she was strapped into her car seat) all of the other ships and submarines on the pier and some planes and helicopters.


After we got home and everyone got naps, Jarrod and Trenton got to work on a gingerbread house while I made dinner and Charlotte kept herself busy with all of the new toys.


What a wonderful Christmas!  Only 365 days until next Christmas!  (Trenton has already asked.)

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I like your blog!
Greetings from Germany and happy holidays!