Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stay at Home Date Night–Portrait Night

Because it is sometimes hard to get out on regular dates, I decided to put together a package with a bunch (26 to be exact) of stay at home date nights as a Christmas gift to Jarrod.  Each is sealed in an envelope so it is a surprise until he opens it.  The plan is to pick an envelope at the beginning of each week and then have our “date” later in the week.  With our schedules, that won’t always happen, but we are hoping that these date cards will keep us from falling into the rut of plopping in front of the TV or computer every night after the kids go to sleep.

Jarrod picked his first date envelope on Sunday evening – portrait night.  So tonight after putting the kids down for bed, eating dinner, and having a couple of drinks, we set the kiddie easel up, grabbed some crayons, and went to work drawing each other.

How do you think we did?


I really felt like I was tapping my inner-artist…until I got to drawing Jarrod’s mouth.  It was all down hill from there!  I was proud of myself for paying attention to detail.  I got his dimples, five o’clock shadow, and chest hair, but it wasn’t until we traded pictures that I realized I forgot the buttons on his shirt.  I guess I should forget ever making a name for myself as an artist! 

And the picture Jarrod drew of me?  My hair looks great!  And he gave me better eyelashes than I really have.  He also gave me dimples that I have never seen and made my teeth disappear!

We had so much fun with this date night – and so many laughs!  We are already looking forward to next week’s stay-at-home-date!


Jennifer said...

That is a great idea of date nights. The pictures are great! Post some more ideas, because I just may steal some of them, if that is ok?

Jenny said...

I will definitely be posting more of our stay at home date night adventures. And yes, steal away!

Crystal said...

What a fun idea. I like that you sealed each idea in an envelope to keep the suspense. Love it.

Thanks for sharing this mommy solution over on my weekly meme. I think sometimes we forget the beautify in dating our spouse.

I am sharing this over on Facebook as well.