Sunday, December 4, 2011

Yorktown Christmas Market on Main Street

Mimi came into town on Friday, and the weekend showed promising weather, so we hit up the Yorktown Christmas Market on Main Street on Saturday morning.

There were crafts and history for Mommy and Mimi, and Santa & Mrs. Claus, a fire truck, and trains for the kids.  Everyone was happy!


Trenton took right to Santa & Mrs. Claus and told Santa want he wanted for Christmas.  Charlotte still hasn’t warmed up to the man (or woman) in red yet.


How cool is York County’s oldest original fire truck?  They also had a lot of antique cars on display. 


Trenton could have watched the model trains all day!  The kid is definitely obsessed with trains.  Any guesses what he asked Santa to bring him?

By the time we finished looking at the trains, it was almost time for lunch so we walked down to Beach Delly.  Trenton was much more excited about watching boats on the river than eating.  Charlotte didn’t really eat a lot of her meal, but she devoured my she-crab soup!  The girl has a love for shellfish.

After lunch we walked across the street to the beach because I wanted to try to get some pictures of me and the kids in the sand.  The sand proved to be much more interesting than taking pictures with Mommy.


What a fun way to spend the morning!  And I even got some Christmas shopping done!

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