Friday, January 27, 2012

Falling Into Place

Things really seem to be falling into place concerning our move. 

We have renters lined up to rent our house here in Virginia!  With the way that the housing market is, we are thankful to have found renters so quickly.

We are going to live in base housing in Monterey.  We got on the waiting list as soon as Jarrod got his orders because we heard that it can take quite some time to get into housing.  Thankfully, there is a house opening up just as we are set to be arriving in the area, and it is being held for us. 

Our house won’t be very far from Naval Postgraduate School, and Jarrod is planning to bike or run into school every day.  While we lived in Guam, Jarrod did the same thing, and we got by with just one vehicle.  So, we are going to try doing the same thing in California.  We traded in both of our vehicles and got a larger SUV.  The #1 thing I wanted in a new vehicle? (Behind safety, of course)  A DVD player for the kids.  I do want to make it across the country with a little bit of my sanity still intact! 

I may not feel that all is right in the moving world in a little over a week when the packers/movers are actually here handling all of our things, but for now, this move is going pretty dang smooth!

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