Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweetened Condensed Milk Finger Paints

Not that I want to teach my kids that it’s okay to eat paint, but I could (and did) eat this paint with a spoon! 

I found this fantastic activity over at Enjoying the Journey.  Not only is it super easy and fun, it is also a wonderful sensory exercise.

I split a can of sweetened condensed milk between four bowls and added food coloring to each.  The kids mixed the colored milk up and then got to painting.


The kids loved this!  Want to know who else loved it? (Other than Mommy who took a couple of licks)  The dog!  Trenton was really good about keeping his mess contained to the table, but Charlotte got a few drops of the edible paint on the floor.  Bailey had it cleaned up in no time!

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