Friday, February 17, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Trenton and Charlotte, Oh My!

Jarrod often tells me that our home is like a zoo, so a trip to the Houston Zoo was right up our alley.  Jarrod and I visited the zoo while we were dating, and it was fun to visit again with the kids and my parents.


What a fun day!  Charlotte stayed awake the whole time we were at the zoo, but the second we were in the car, she fell asleep.  As you can tell, Trenton didn’t last quite as long as she did!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bad Weather is Not So Bad

…when you’ve got new rain gear to make it fun!


Did you notice that my kids were so excited about playing in the mud/water that they didn’t even let me take the tags off of their new gear?

Thanks, Aunt Carol and Uncle Scotty, for the fun rain gear and a great place to try it out!

The Alpha-Bits Bandit Sneaks Through Texas

If you have ever had the chance to ask Trenton what his favorite thing at Mimi and Pops’ house is, you have probably been told, “Alpha-Bits and a bowl of milk”.  Trenton likes Alpha-Bits cereal even more than he likes riding the tractor, four-wheeler, bulldozer, and all of the other fun stuff he gets to do when we stay with my mom and dad.  I never could find the cereal in Virginia, so Alpha-Bits have always been a special treat that he gets when he comes to Texas (or when Mimi and Pops come to visit us and pack numerous boxes in their luggage). 

I called my mom yesterday morning to let her know what time that we expected to be getting to their house yesterday evening.  It was then that she told me that she had some bad news.  None of the grocery stores in our hometown sell Alpha-Bits any more.  Mom had enlisted the help of my aunt to scour the grocery stores in the town she lives in, but Mom hadn’t heard anything from her yet.

A couple of hours after I talked to my mom, Trenton randomly popped up in the back seat telling Jarrod and I that he couldn’t wait to eat Alpha-Bits at Mimi and Pops’ house.  I decided that it would be best to tell him that Mimi and Pops didn’t have any Alpha-Bits.

To my surprise, Trenton didn’t freak out about Mimi and Pops not having his favorite cereal.  Instead, he came up with the elaborate idea that the Alpha-Bits Bandit (a character that he made up based off the Shape Bandit on his favorite show, Team Umizoomi), had swiped all of the Alpha-Bits.  Trenton then laid out a plan for how he and Pops were going to track the Alpha-Bit Bandit using the four-wheeler and were going to set traps to catch the bandit and rescue all of the Alpha-Bits.

By the time we got to my parent’s house yesterday evening, it was too late to take the four-wheeler out.  Thankfully, the Alpha-Bits Bandit’s tracks were easy to find.

Trenton and Pops set a trap to catch the Alpha-Bits Bandit last night after dinner.  The bandit managed to escape the trap (probably because the trap was just a wee bit too small for those big Alpha-Bit Bandit feet), but he did drop a box of Alpha-Bits while trying to make his getaway. 


Trenton is glad that he got to eat his beloved Alpha-Bits this morning.  I just hope that the trap scared the Alpha-Bits Bandit enough to stay away for a while!

*Thanks to Aunt Carol & Uncle Scotty for finding Alpha-Bits for us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day From Aggieland

We’ve been in Texas visiting family (posts on that to come soon), and today we visited College Station to show the kids the Texas A&M University campus.  Trenton and Charlotte loved watching Aggie football with me this fall, and Trenton was on the lookout for football players in uniform the whole time we were on campus this afternoon.  Trenton also had fun giving the Aggie greeting of howdy to everyone we passed on the sidewalk.  When we went into the new Agriculture & Life Sciences building to visit a few people from my time at A&M, Trenton learned to pick up women.  He went right up to a group of girls waiting for class, and said, “Hi, my name is Trenton.  What is your name?”.  The girls ate it up and all introduced themselves to Trenton.  Jarrod and I are going to have to keep an eye on this little guy as he gets a little older!

I had fun playing around with my camera getting pictures of the kids around Aggieland.  They weren’t totally cooperative, but I did manage to get a few halfway decent pictures.

DSC_3107-2DSC_3115-2DSC_3117-1DSC_3132-1DSC_3133-1DSC_3146-2DSC_3163-1DSC_3168-1DSC_3193-1DSC_3197-1DSC_3220-1DSC_3244-1DSC_3184 (My kids NEVER want to take pictures with me!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Goodbyes Are Hard

Although we are looking forward to our move to California, having to say goodbye to so many friends the past few weeks has not been easy. 

My wonderful MOMS Club friends had a going-away dinner for me a couple of weeks ago.  They are such a wonderful group of women, and I am so thankful that I found out about this fantastic organization.  I have made many friends through MOMS Club, and since a lot of them are also military spouses, I am hoping that our paths with cross again down the road.  The kids will also miss all of their friends from MOMS Club.  A bunch of us pretty much took over Chick-fil-a last week for lunch and play time.

We have some close friends from the ship and also some family in the area that we have had to say goodbye to.  We’ll miss them, but we know that we’ll see them all again (hopefully soon).

Our neighbors have been great.  They have all been extremely helpful with Jarrod gone so much and have become great friends of ours.  Trenton and Charlotte have enjoyed playing outside with all of the neighborhood kids.  They also loved when Lauren would come over from next door to babysit (Mommy and Daddy loved it too).  I hope that we are blessed with more good neighbors in our next home.

Trenton’s last day of preschool was last week.  I don’t know that he fully understood that he wouldn’t be seeing his preschool buddies again.  He did give everyone hugs and tell them goodbye though.  His teachers also put together a really cute little photo book with pictures of Trenton from throughout the year and pictures of all of his classmates.  Trenton loved his time at preschool, and I hope that I’m able to find another school that he will love in California.preschool-1

Trenton’s last day of school with Mrs. Carrie

I feel so blessed to have found a wonderful daytime babysitter for my kids.  I only wish that I would have found her sooner (I just started taking the kids to her a few months ago).  Ms. Tammy gave me time to run errands, go to doctor appointments, and just have “me” days.  And my kids LOVED her!  She took such good care of them that I felt like I was leaving them with a family member.  Today was Trenton and Charlotte’s last day with Ms. Tammy.  Trenton had to make sure that Ms. Tammy had a computer so that he could talk to her on it when we get to California.  Both Trenton and Charlotte have already gone through the photo book that she sent home with them today numerous times.


Trenton, Ms. Tammy, & Charlotte

We have met so many wonderful people in Virginia.  You will all be missed but never forgotten.  And wherever the Navy takes us, we are always up for visits from friends and family.  We hope to see all of you again!