Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fort Ord Dunes State Park

After a cold and rainy weekend, the sun came out to day and the mercury rose to above 60 degrees (that’s warm here).  Since we hadn’t made a trip to the beach since landing on the Monterey Peninsula, we decided today would be the perfect day. 

We packed up the car with toys and snacks and headed to Fort Ord Dunes State Park.  The beach is on the old Fort Ord, a former Army base, and has only been a state park for a few years.  This meant that the beach was pretty much empty.  Other than us, I counted five other people on this remote stretch of beach.

This state park doesn’t have the word dunes in its name for nothing.  I have never seen dunes this big.  They were amazing.


It was a little bit of a hike to get to the beach (especially with two kids, toys, and food in tow), but totally worth it.  The kids loved playing in the sand!


Mommy and Trenton even decided to get their feet wet in the water.  And it was cold!


What a wonderful evening excursion!  I am pretty sure that we will be making a return trip to this beach sometime in the future! 

*Because of a nasty rip current, swimming and/or surfing is not recommended at this beach. 

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