Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 217th Birthday, United States Navy Supply Corps!

It was a weekend of birthdays around here.  Today was Charlotte’s birthday, and yesterday Jarrod and I celebrated the 217th birthday of the United States Navy Supply Corps. 

Jarrod heard about the Monterey Supply Corps Ball before we left Virginia and really wanted to go.  We had a problem though – no babysitter.  It just so happened that we met a wonderful family at church our first weekend in town.  And this family included a 16-year-old daughter – who likes to babysit.  Score!

The ball was on the top floor of the Marriott in downtown Monterey.  It had a beautiful view of the bay.  It would have been really breathtaking if the sun would have been out, but the sky was full of rain clouds.


Jarrod and I loved getting dressed up, eating a scrumptious meal, meeting great people, and having some adult time. 

And the kids loved their new babysitter. 

It was a wonderful night all around!

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