Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scenic Highway One: Pacific Coast Highway

After our morning trail ride, we wound up in Ventura, California for the night.  We woke up the next morning, and drove up the road to Santa Barbara to meet one of my college friends for breakfast.  She brought my kids stickers and shared her fruit bowl with them.  Lindsey definitely knows the way to my kids hearts!

After breakfast, it was time for the last stretch of our trip.  Rather than following our GPS, we decided to take Scenic Highway 1 up the coast. 

Boy are we glad we took Hwy 1!  It was the most amazing drive I’ve ever been on.

The first place along the highway that we stopped was a few miles north of San Simeon.  Just below the overlook was one of the largest colonies of elephant seals in the nation!  It is the end of pupping season, so the coast was filled with seals.  Not that the pups really looked all that babyish at 3-4 feet long.  I was so enthralled with watching the seals, that I didn’t even think about taking any video footage of them.  I was still snap-happy with my camera though.  Seeing the seals was amazing.  I felt like I was looking through National Geographic.  We will definitely be making another trip to see the seals again at some point.



Our drive soon brought us to Big Sur.  Drizzly rain and fog hindered our view for a while, but when the weather did clear out a bit, we were in for some gorgeous views!


What a great drive!  Next we’ll have to try Scenic Highway 1 headed north!

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