Friday, March 16, 2012

Slumber Party

Since we moved from four bedrooms down to three with our move to California, Trenton and Charlotte are now sharing a bedroom.  (Our third bedroom is used as a playroom.) 

We have two twin-sized beds on order that should be here next week, but until then, both kids are sleeping on the floor on crib mattresses. 

I never know what kind of night it’s going to be or what we’re going to see/hear on the monitor when we put the kids down.  Some nights they go right to sleep, and others they go to the window to look for the moon, tells stories, or sing songs. 

Charlotte hasn’t been sleeping good since we’ve been in the house, and I’ve set up a pallet for myself on the floor next to her mattress.  She has been waking up in the middle of the night, and the only way I can get her back down is to lay next to her holding her hand. 

The other night after laying on the floor for over an hour, Charlotte was finally back asleep and I was back in my bed.  Thirty minutes later, I heard her on the monitor again.  This time it woke Trenton up.  I heard Trenton tell her that everything is okay, sing her a song, and tell her that the sun isn’t up yet and it’s still sleepy time.  Then Charlotte asked for her paci.  Trenton got up and found it for her and laid back down.  Then Charlotte asked for her drink.  Trenton got up, found Charlotte’s cup, gave it to her, and laid back down again.  Then Charlotte asked for her blanket to be pulled up.  I heard Trenton say, “Charlotte, you don’t neeeed your blankie.  Just go to sleep!”.  And I didn’t hear another sound out of Charlotte until the morning.  Apparently the girl takes orders from her brother better than she takes orders from me!

And then there was last night.  Jarrod was upstairs taking a shower, and I was down in the living room watching Grey’s Anatomy.  With ten minutes left in the show, I heard Charlotte crying out for Mommy.  By the time I got up and went in the kitchen where I had left the monitor, she had quieted down.  I turned the video screen on to make sure that she wasn’t making an escape to come downstairs to find Mommy.  No, she wasn’t headed downstairs.  Her sweet brother had gotten her right back to sleep (and I didn’t have to miss any Grey’s!).


How sweet are they?  Now if they only acted like that all the time, I would have it made!

*The band-aid on Trenton’s head is courtesy of Trenton’s first set of stitches.  He busted his forehead open last weekend when he fell down in a parking lot.

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