Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Change of Pace

In the six years that Jarrod and I have been married, Jarrod has spent A LOT of time away from home (I quit keeping track of precisely how much because it was just depressing).  That’s why when we got two year orders to Naval Postgraduate School, we were more than ready for the change of pace. 

The program that Jarrod is a student in, Operations Research, is a fairly tough one, and I know that once he gets a little further into it, there may be nights that he doesn’t make it home in time to tuck the kids in for the night.  But he’ll at least be home every night.  I tease that I may just have to send him away for a while since I’m not used to having him home so much!

And it’s really nice being at a place where the kids and I can go out and meet Daddy at school for a picnic lunch.

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We are welcoming this change of pace with open arms!

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