Saturday, April 28, 2012


I will often have non-military people ask me, “Isn’t it hard moving all the time?”.  Well, yes and no. 

Yes, the actual process of packing and unpacking is no fun.  Neither is leaving friends.  But getting to live in a new area every few years and explore all that it has to offer is wonderful.

It’s fairly easy to meet other military wives at each new station, but I’m always a little apprehensive about how long it will take to meet someone that I’ll just “click” with.

In our first couple weeks here in Monterey, we met a few other families at the playground down the street from our house and a few more at church.  They were all really nice and welcoming. 

Then one day I was on a facebook group for military moms here, and I saw a post by a girl named Staci.  And Staci had the same uncommon last name as our friend, Adam, that we knew from Guam.  I clicked on Staci’s profile, and saw that Adam was a mutual friend of ours.  Without giving myself time to chicken out, I messaged Staci asking if she was Adam’s sister-in-law (I knew Adam had a brother in the military and was wondering if this was the brother’s wife). 

I was sure that Staci was going to think I was some sort of loon for just randomly messaging her, but lo and behold, I got an email back from her.  And she wanted to have us over for dinner! 

Since having dinner with Staci, her husband Josh, and their kids, Daniel, John, and Marian, they have been over to our house for dinner, we’ve done playdates, and even gone on a hike (two mommies and five kids ages five and under = a fun time!).
DSC_5998 copy

Garland Ranch Regional Park.  All five of these kids had walking sticks at one point.  And no eyes were poked out!

Staci and I “clicked.”  We have much in common.  A love of Pinterest, Hunger Games, dealing with picky eaters, sight-seeing, and more. 

My kids love the Zaker kids.  Trenton and John will be in the same preschool class in the fall.  Charlotte and Marian have fun following the boys around and trying to do everything they do.  Daniel tells Trenton stories and teaches him new things.  Charlotte is infatuated with John.  She brings me the magnadoodle and tells me to “draw John” at least ten times a day.  But then when she sees him, she ignores him.  How does my two year old already know the game?

I’m so glad that I had the courage to send Staci that first message because we now have a wonderful family that we get to hang out and have fun with.  And what better place to do that than in beautiful California!


I’m sure that you will be hearing a lot more about the Zaker crew, but if you want to get to know them a bit better, go and Follow the Drum.


My Traveling Troop said...

What a small world! I know Staci too! She is definitely a sweetheart!

How long have you been in Monterey? Well, welcome to Monterey! I can't wait to read about all of your adventures.


Jenny said...

Yes, it is a small world! And you're right, Staci is a sweetheart!

We've been in Monterey since the beginning of March. What a wonderful place! We love it here, and can't wait to see more of it!