Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hippity, Hoppity, Easter’s On Its Way

Mix an Easter carnival with a pancake breakfast, and you can count this family in!


We traveled down to Carmel this morning for the 16th Annual Pancake Breakfast in Bunnyland.  Co-sponsored by the Carmel Host Lions Club and the Bay School Parent Co-op Preschool, the event was a fun time for all.

Of course, there was a visit by the Easter Bunny.  Trenton didn’t want to get too close, and Charlotte hung on to Mommy for dear life, but at least there were no total meltdowns like when we saw Santa.


The carnival included an obstacle course,


live rabbits,


fun with bubbles,


raffle prizes (I won!),


and an Easter themed bean bag toss.


I’m pretty sure the major league scouts will be flooding our phones with calls any minute now! 

On our way out, we patiently (not a word commonly used with my kids!) waited our turn for face painting.

Trenton had been saying that he wanted an Easter Egg painted on his hand the whole time we were in line, but changed his mind when he sat down and decided instead on a boat on his arm.


Charlotte wanted a flower on her cheek.  She sat perfectly still, and the flower turned out great.  Unfortunately the flower only lasted until Charlotte got out of the chair, decided that she wanted another painting on her hand, was told no (the line was super long by this time), and the fit that comes along with hearing the word “no” ensued. 

This same preschool group is sponsoring an even larger carnival next month.  You can bet after today’s fun, that we’ll be trying our best to make it to the next carnival!

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