Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Magic Easter Seeds

I had a pretty crummy morning today.  Putting a big dent in your brand new car will do that to you! 

But, to turn my day around, I planned a fun little project for the me and the kids this afternoon. 

We planted magic Easter seeds (jelly beans)!  These seeds are very special because they grow a surprise on Easter.

Not realizing just how windy the day had become, we headed outside to fill pots with soil.

After getting good and dirty, we came back inside to plant our seeds (it was way too windy to stay outside).  Trenton planted carrot seeds at preschool last week, so he knew exactly what to do.  And he was very excited about the magic seeds.  Would they grow a cookie?  Or a toy?


Charlotte, on the other hand, was not so excited.  Sure, she was excited about the seeds; just not the part about having to plant them.


Is it wrong that this made me laugh after having a bad morning?

Stay tuned to see what our magic seeds will grow!  Hopefully we’ll remember to water them everyday! 


the dated said...

Oh, that poor little face!!

Marie said...

I am going to try this with my kids next Easter but not sure if they will find it interesting or that Im weird considering they are older. You have some great ideas!