Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Missing the Bluebonnets

Every spring, my Facebook newsfeed is inundated with pictures of bluebonnets.  And every spring I wonder why I never plan a trip back home for bluebonnet season. 

This year was no different.  I saw so many cute pictures of little kids in bluebonnets and wondered if I would ever have the chance to pose my two in a field of blue.

And then I noticed this little gem just down the road from our house…


I’m pretty sure that these aren’t true Texas Bluebonnets, they have a little purple in them and the leaves are a little different, but they are close enough for me!

We rolled the wagon down to this little patch this evening to snap some photos.  I don’t always have the most willing participants, but the promise of a trip to the playground on the way home helped a little.


There were some more flowers nearby, so we checked them out too.


There are some pretty patches of poppies a little bit farther down the road.  I didn’t want to overdo it today, but I’m hoping to get some pictures of them soon.

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