Monday, April 16, 2012

Pacific Grove Good Old Days

I am a sucker for a good street fair/festival, so you can bet that when I heard about Pacific Grove’s Good Old Days, I put it in my calendar and hoped for nice weather.

After a rainy week, the sun peeked out just in time for the weekend.

Our day at the Good Old Days festival started off in the kiddie carnival area.  Of course, Trenton didn’t want to start out on a tame ride; he went straight for Pirates Revenge.  And he was excited!


As soon as the pirate ship started going a little higher and a little faster, the apprehension set in.


And then it was ostrich mode.


But as soon as the ride was over, Trenton told the attendant how much fun he had and that he wanted to ride again.  Go figure!

Trenton actually did enjoy the next couple of rides much more than his first ride.

DSC_5665-001(Notice that Daddy got volunteered for the spinning dragon ride.  Mommy and spinning rides don’t mix well!)


Next we walked through the vendor area.  The kids weren’t too excited about looking at jewelry, clothes, crafts, etc., but then we came upon the MY Museum Wheelie Mobilee area.  They could have stayed here all day! 


It was then time to head home for naps.  You know it’s a productive day when the whole family needs an afternoon nap!

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