Sunday, April 1, 2012

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve & 17-Mile Drive

Boy was today a beauty!  And we took advantage of it by venturing out to Point Lobos State Nature Reserve for some hiking.  Today we hiked the Sea Otter Point and Sand Hill trails.  The trails, except for a little off the beaten path area, were wheelchair accessible and a total of a little over half a mile.  Charlotte got woke up from a nap to go on the hike, and she wasn’t too happy about it.

Do you see the poor little tear on her face?  Today’s crazy wind probably didn’t help her mood any either. 

That wind made for a fun wave watching session.


Jarrod and Trenton marched up to an overlook…


…while Charlotte and I checked out the native flora.


Trenton also got a lesson in map reading.


We ate a picnic lunch in the back of our car, and afterwards asked the kids if they wanted to hike another trail.  Trenton wanted to, but Charlotte was dead set against it.  Jarrod and I figured that since her nap had been cut short, that she was probably still tired.  So, we got on the road and headed back home…

….until we saw an exit sign for 17-mile drive, and decided to check it out.  Both kids were asleep, so why not? 

Jarrod and I had no idea what to expect out of the drive.  I wasn’t all that impressed at first.  It was just a road going through the forest with some nice houses.  Definitely not worth the $10 we paid to go on this drive. 

Once we got out of the forested area, we were wowed.  With the high winds today, I saw the highest waves I’ve ever seen.


This is such a reassuring sign to see when you’re standing next to the beach.


But hey, why not climb out a little further?


Oh, and I have neglected to mention that this drive was through Pebble Beach?  I’m pretty sure it is famous for something…


April is the beginning of pupping season for Harbor Seals, but with all of the wave action today, I had all but given up on seeing any marine life.  Luckily, I was wrong again, and we came upon a fairly protected cove teeming with seals – even a couple of pups!  By this time, the kids had woke up, and they got to see the seals too.


One of the last stops along the drive was the lone cypress.  The tree was amazing.  It has weathered over 250 years of Pacific storms and winds.  With the help of a fence and cables, everyone is hoping that it can make it to 300 years.


Such a cool drive!  And I didn’t even get pictures of everything – like the multi-million dollar waterfront mansions.  I now know what I would spend a mega-millions jackpot on!


Anonymous said...

Great blog, honey! Thanks!

Eileen said...

Wow, Jenny, looks like you are enjoying California! What a beautiful and fun day.

Jenny said...

Thanks, Eileen! It is absolutely gorgeous out here! You guys will have to come up for a visit once y'all head out west!

Daniel Marek said...

My My!! You definitely take great shots!! Ever think about being a photographer??