Monday, April 30, 2012

WaWa’s Vegetables

Let me introduce you to one of the greatest guys I know – my WaWa.


WaWa loves his garden (as evidenced by his posing for a picture in it!).  When he and Nanny used to live out in the country, his garden was half an acre.  I have memories of digging for potatoes from the time I was little bitty.  I wasn’t a fan of vegetables at all back then, but boy did I like helping in the garden. 

I’m sure that my mom and her brothers and sister helped in the garden while they were growing up too, although I’m not sure it was as much fun for them. 

The gardening has even spread to another generation as my kids have helped WaWa plant…


…and harvest his vegetables.


Today is WaWa’s 80th birthday.  His spring has been pretty busy, and he wasn’t able to get a garden planted.  When I was brainstorming what we could get WaWa for his birthday (it had to be something that would make it through the mail to Texas), I decided that Trenton and Charlotte could “grow” some vegetables for him.

DSC_6120 copyDSC_6129 copy

The kids had so much fun “growing” vegetables.  They used bubble wrap to paint the corn, a footprint and a handprint (minus the thumb) to make the carrot, a makeup removal pad for the tomato, and a round sponge brush for the cauliflower.  You shouldn’t have grass in a garden, but we figured that a little Easter grass tying everything together would be okay. 

Even though WaWa can’t eat these vegetables, we hope that he enjoys looking at them.

Happy Birthday, WaWa!  We love you!


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