Monday, May 7, 2012

Jack’s Peak & Asilomar State Beach

From the mountains to the ocean, we saw it all yesterday!

Our Aggie friends, Jim and Amanda, met us around lunchtime, and we grabbed a delicious bite at Tarpy’s Roadhouse.  We ate outside since we had the kids, but it would be a great place to go back to on a date night.

After lunch, it was a short drive to Jack’s Peak County Park.  We could tell on our drive up to the parking area that the views were going to be good.  I had read reviews that the Skyline Trail had the best views, so that’s the path we went with.

Jarrod was digging the tree trunk chair near the beginning of the trail!


The first overlook we came to looked out on Monterey Bay.  Breathtaking!  If it wouldn’t have been for two impatient kiddos, we probably could have found our neighborhood. 


Trenton took the lead position.  There were numbered posts along the trail, and he was always on the lookout for the next one.


Charlotte wasn’t all that interested in racing to find numbers, and instead had fun playing on the “horsie tree” with Amanda.


Our next overlook was of Carmel and Point Lobos.

Once we got to the back side of the peak, the kids were starting to tire (the trail was about 1 mile).  I carried Charlotte in the pack, and Trenton held Jarrod’s hand and then moved up to riding on Daddy’s shoulders.


We rested at the picnic area next to the parking lot, and then decided to head over to the beach.  We swung by our house to grab shorts for everyone, and then made our way down to Asilomar State Beach in Pacific Grove.


I had heard awesome things about the tide pools, and I was anxious to check them out.

I was kind of sad that we didn’t find any starfish in the pools, but we did see hermit crabs, anemones (Trenton wouldn’t touch them, but Charlotte loved them!), and even an awesome pink jellyfish that was dinner for a hermit crab.  Unfortunately I have no clue how to take pictures through water.

After looking at the tide pools, the kids played in the sand, explored the beach, and chased sea gulls.


This next picture cracks me up.  Charlotte was running off, and Trenton went after her, telling me, “Don’t worry.  I’ll keep an eye on her!”.  It made me feel so much better!


Amanda and I hung out on a rock for a good long while watching a cute sea otter playing in the waves.  We tried to catch pictures, but the little guy (or maybe girl) never got close enough.

A fun day and a beautiful weekend!  I don’t know if we’ll ever see all of the sights that this area has to offer, but we sure are trying!


Mari Lynch - Bicycling Monterey said...

What a joy to see your family's photos and read of your appreciation for Jacks Peak Park. A link to your visit has been added to "Jacks Peak: An oasis at risk," at the Bicycling Monterey website. If you wish to contribute a photo to that gallery or to other community efforts to protect the park, please contact me. Thank you.

Mari Lynch - Bicycling Monterey said...

Here's the link to that Jacks Peak post. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for including a link! We just moved here two months ago, and I had no idea that a zipline has been proposed. We LOVED hiking through the park - something we could do with two young kids as a family. I hope our experience can help out!