Friday, May 11, 2012

Robots in the Roses

The kids and I met Jarrod at Naval Postgraduate School yesterday afternoon to attend the Robots in the Roses research event.

While we were waiting for Jarrod to get out of class, Charlotte did some showing off. 

First her ponytails…


…then her balancing skills.


It wasn’t long before Jarrod met up with us, and we walked over to the event.  There were tables set up with quite a few robots on display.  We didn’t see R2-D2, but there were some really neat military robots – unmanned boats and submersibles, mini tanks, etc.  There were also some non-military themed robots.  We watched a couple robots pick up basketballs for a while.


After checking out all of the robots, we went to enter the USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) Design Challenge in the children’s section.


The kids were given a rubber ducky, a inflated balloon, a piece of foam, and a rubber band to create a vehicle to race their duck.


After finishing up the USV, we went over to the kiddie pool to test it out.


It seemed to work okay, so we threw it in the basket with the rest of the USVs and went down to Roman Plunge to wait for the race to start.


On your mark, get set, GO!


Many of the USVs fell apart, losing their duckies.  Our little #96 was a trouper though!


Even travelling the whole way down the pool capsized, our USV stayed together and finished in 6th place!  Lucky for us, our duckie has an awesome lung capacity that let him hold his breath for the whole race!  Way to go, #96!

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