Monday, June 11, 2012

Charlotte’s First Haircut

After leaving the cherry orchard on Saturday, we decided spur of the moment to get Charlotte’s hair cut.  I had heard of a children’s salon in Gilroy, so I found the number, and called them up to see if they had availability.  They did, so off to the salon we went.

As soon as Trenton heard that Charlotte was getting a haircut, he decided that he wanted one too.  This coming from a kid that HATED haircuts less than two months ago!  Trenton had the first turn, and then it was on to Charlotte.

The salon had cute little vehicles for the kids to sit in for their haircuts.  Charlotte picked a pink and purple Barbie jeep, and she chose Dora the Explorer for her movie.  She was so good the entire time the stylist cut her hair!  She even got little flowers put in her hair and a first haircut certificate with a lock of her hair taped to it.


Charlotte’s new haircut is really cute, but it’s going to take Mommy and Daddy some time to get used to their baby girl’s big girl hair.


tricia said...

Great pics! Our children's salon does adult hair, too- and they do my hair better than the adult salon I used to go to- I totally dig the animal crackers and viewings of Cars while they cut my hair, too- as my kids play. :)

Staci said...

So cute! Does it still fit into the ponytails? :)

Jenny said...

That sounds awesome! One of the other kids was watching Mary Poppins while she got her hair cut. I kind of wanted to go hang out with her! :)

Jenny said...

It still fits, but the hair falls out pretty easy. We'll probably stick with pulling it half up until it grows out a bit. I should probably pull out my ribbon stash and try to make a few bows because the poor white bow that she's been wearing has taken some abuse!