Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jarrod!

This handsome fella just happened to celebrate a birthday last week.

Jarrod didn’t want a cake this year (we had just gotten back from vacation in Lake Tahoe where we ate way too much), so the kids and I put birthday kabobs together for him.

Birthday Kabobs

These were so good and so easy!  Frozen Sara Lee pound cake and strawberries alternated on skewers with melted white chocolate candy coating drizzled over everything = deliciousness!

Later in the afternoon, our babysitter came by to watch the kids for us while I took Jarrod out on a date for his big day.

Birthday Date

We started off our evening at The Bountiful Basket in Carmel for a wine tasting.  The wines we tasted were local wines, and it really made us want to visit some of the wineries. 

After wine tasting, we worked off those calories that we drank by walking down the hill to Carmel Beach (and then back up the hill to get back to our car).  It was a gorgeous evening, and we took advantage by grabbing some pictures.


 Dinner was next on the night’s agenda.  We drove down the street a bit to Mission Ranch.  Mission Ranch was one of the first dairies in California.  In 1986, when developers threatened to tear it all down and build condos, then mayor of Carmel, Clint Eastwood, bought the property and renovated it.  The old buildings were made into inns and one was made into a restaurant and piano bar.  Our dinner was great (Jarrod had the filet and lobster, and I had charbroiled salmon), and the view was spectacular.  There were sheep out grazing earlier in the evening, but by the time Jarrod and I finished eating, they had retired for the evening.


Jarrod, I hope that you enjoyed your birthday!  I know that I did!


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