Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day at Gilroy Gardens

We were planning to spend Memorial Day at the concert that NPS was hosting, but with Monterey’s temperatures dipping into the 50s for weekend, the Texas girl was in desperate need of some warm weather. 

I had heard good things about Gilroy Gardens, a theme park geared toward young children, and since they were offering free admission for military for the holiday weekend (and it was 15-20 degrees warmer in Gilroy than in Monterey), we decided to check it out.

Now after Charlotte’s total aversion to rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk just two days earlier, you’re probably wondering what I was thinking taking her to a theme park.

You see, Charlotte is my adventure seeking child.  Trenton has always been a bit more cautious.  So I knew that if Trenton loved rides, that Charlotte would too.

And she did – just not in the beginning.

As soon as we would get on a ride, and I would strap her in, she would start crying, “Done now!  Done now!”.  But then once the ride got going, she actually liked it.


After riding a few rides with either myself or Jarrod with her, Charlotte decided that she was ready to move on to a solo ride.


I just hope she doesn’t do that when it comes to driving a real car!

And then we had a total switcheroo; Charlotte liked a ride that scared Trenton!


By the end of our day at Gilroy Gardens, each kid had rode at least 10 rides and were old pros!

Other than rides, Gilroy Gardens has, you guessed it – gardens!  We took some time to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the beautiful landscaping.


The kids had a blast, and Jarrod and I enjoyed watching them have fun (and maybe laughing at them a bit too!).  What a great way to spend family time!



My Traveling Troop said...

Happy to hear your kids have a blast! I'm definitely hoping to take my own kiddo to Gilroy Gardens before we move.


Jenny said...

Kristina, you should definitely try to get up there before y'all leave. It is a lot of fun, and the weather is great!