Monday, July 23, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We ditched the Monterey Bay cold foggy weather and are back in Texas soaking up the sun (and the humidity – hello frizzy hair!) for the week.

Jarrod had to stay back for class, but the kids and I boarded a plane in San Jose late last week and headed west.

We were up at 4:15AM and at the airport by 5:15 to catch our crack of dawn flight.  But that didn’t keep us from being excited about our trip!
 photo 1

We had a slight delay at the gate, but we were soon on board and ready for take-off.

photo 2photo 3

This was the first time that I used the CARES system.  I didn’t have a lug carseats on board, and I felt safer with the kids in these than in just lap belts.  Plus, the kids weren’t able to wiggle around!

Charlotte sometimes gets an unhappy stomach when travelling, and our last flight to Texas was not pretty.  Thankfully she didn’t get sick on this flight.  She took a good catnap and then drew me some pictures with her color wonder markers.

photo 5

You would think that waking up at 4:15 would make a kid tired, but Trenton was a busy man on the flight.  Between playing with toys and watching movies on the iPad, he was asking me if we were back in Texas every 10 minutes.

photo 4

I am so glad that I had an easy flight with the kids (minus trying to fit three people in the airplane lavatory!), and I’m hoping for another easy flight back to California next week!

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