Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sugar & Spice

And everything nice?

I’m pretty sure that whoever wrote that didn’t have a little girl in the middle of her terrible twos!

The terrible twos version goes more like this..

A whole lot of spice
And a little bit of nice
That’s what two year old girls are made of.

At least that’s the way it is in our house right now.

Little Miss Charlotte can go from this


to this


in 3.457 milliseconds.


I can deal with crying, but the past week Charlotte has started with this shrill deafening screaming.  And throwing herself on the floor.  All out tantrums.

Nothing that I’ve done has worked.  If anyone has any tips, my ears are open! 

I’m hoping that this onset of crazy tantrums is being caused by teething.  Charlotte hasn’t gotten her last set of molars yet, and I’m wondering if that’s part of why she’s so mad.

I mean this could be a clue, right?

Foot Eating

At least I’m hoping that it’s teeth and that these screaming bouts aren’t the new norm.

Especially since I’m taking this tantrum throwing diva on an airplane along with her brother in less than two weeks – without the Hubster.

And I’m praying that we aren’t like the family that got kicked off JetBlue.

I’ll let you know how it goes…



Eclipsed said...

We managed to escape the two's unscathed but the threes are really giving us a run for our money. We use time outs with good effect. My best advice would be to follow through and be consistent no matter where you are. And when my daughter is acting up I always go through a mental checklist: is she tired? Hungry? Bored? Overwhelmed? It's tough when out sweet kids turn into some sort of raging demon. Hang in there and stock up on wine.

Stopping by from sits.

Tara Denny said...

I thank every god that ever was believed in that our daughter (now 6) has never thrown tantrums. She's been so mellow all her life, I'm sure that the teen years are going to be awful.
My sister's kids however- She has been so desperate that she has tied one up with duct tape, sat on him, and broke down in a tantrum of her very own. (I assure you, none of what I just said was harmful, in fact his tantrum was so overblown he was at risk of hurting himself or siblings if he wasn't restrained somehow)

Whenever I see a child meltdown in a store, I walk up to them and start crying too, they are so shocked they usually stop and just stare at me. (along with all the nearby shoppers)

Found you on SITS, hope you have a great day!