Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Texas State Aquarium

Our first weekend in Texas took us down to Corpus Christi to the Texas State Aquarium.  I last visited this aquarium back in high school, and my how the place has changed. 

The inside of the aquarium houses tanks of fish, turtles, sharks and coral from the Gulf of Mexico.
There is also a fun Amazon exhibit that my kids really enjoyed (once Trenton got over being cranky about being hungry – that’s what happens when you decide not to eat lunch!).  They love a good game of “who can find the snake?”!

We wandered outside to see an alligator, birds, otters, dolphins, and to check out the touch tanks.


The boardwalk gave us an up close view of a barge being pushed into the port by a tugboat.  The USS Lexington was also moored to our left.  There are various shows throughout the day, and we watched a bit of the dolphin show.  The stadium seats were packed, so we opted for the air conditioned underwater viewing area.

Once the kids got antsy, we headed over the biggest hit of the day – the splash pad!


Uncle Bradley hung out with Trenton and even got a little wet himself!


Charlotte was a little iffy about playing the fountains.  She stayed close to me watching everything for about 20 minutes before she finally decided to get wet.  But once she did, she had fun!


I loved the new updates to the aquarium.  It was a great place for the whole family!

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