Thursday, August 9, 2012

Down on the Farm

grain sorghum
One of my favorite things about going back home is getting the kids out on the farm.  I don’t think anyone gets more excited about getting the kids in the fields than Pops though.

photo 3

Rains the weeks before we got to Texas threw harvest off, so my dad and Uncle Greg were just starting to harvest grain sorghum/milo when the kids and I arrived in Texas. 

Trenton and I went out to one of the fields while Charlotte napped one afternoon.  Pops was pulling the auger cart that day.  Trenton loved riding the tractor, watching the combine cut the milo and then dump it in the auger cart, and then watching the auger dump the grain into the grain trucks.

Pops is already talking about teaching Trenton to drive a tractor when he’s a little older. He might rethink that if he were to see Trenton’s battery powered jeep driving skills!

photo 4photo 2

A few rain showers delayed harvest again, and it was a few days later before we were able to take Charlotte out to the field.

Pops was driving his grain truck on this day, and was on his way to the grain elevators when we left the house.  We met him in the line at the elevators so the kids could see the truck.  Charlotte was scared of the big loud truck, but Trenton hopped right on up!

United Ag Grain Elevators - Hillje, TX
I spent 5 summers during high school and college working in the scale house at the co-op’s elevators.

truck driver

After visiting Pops and his truck, we went out to the field.  Uncle Bradley was in town for work and had finished early.  It probably didn’t take much arm twisting to talk Bradley into helping out by driving the tractor (his summer job while he was in school).

Mimi and Charlotte hopped on up to hitch a ride with Uncle Bradley.

auger cart

Don’t let that sad face fool you.  Once the tractor got going, she loved it!

Trenton and I hopped on the combine with Uncle Greg where Trenton kept trying to convince his great-uncle to go FAST and race the tractors! 

My little farm-loving kiddos had a great time!  They can’t wait to go back to Texas again to have more fun on the farm!

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naturalfitandfrugal said...

What beautiful memories to have!

I saw you on SITS and had to come visit :)