Saturday, September 1, 2012

What’s the Big Mystery?

We went up to Santa Cruz last weekend to visit The Mystery Spot with our friends, Jim and Amanda.


I knew little about The Mystery Spot before visiting it.  Every time I though of it, I chuckled to myself remembering the view from our hotel in Guam when Jarrod and I moved there as newlyweds.  We had a beautiful view of the beach and the establishment next door to our hotel – one called The G Spot.  I don’t think I need to elaborate any on what kind of establishment this was.

Anyway, The Mystery Spot was nothing like The G Spot.  It is a gravitational anomaly located in a redwood forest outside of Santa Cruz.  When a person is within the 150 foot diameter circular area of The Mystery Spot, they will appear shorter and as if they are leaning even if they are standing perfectly straight because of a gravitational pull.

DSC_0543_1 082612_6247 

In the center of this circular area is a cabin built with perfect right angles.  It leans too.


Our tour guide showed us a few demonstrations to showcase these anomalies.  Guess who volunteered for each demonstration?


Trenton’s ears really perked up when our guide talked about speculation as to the cause of the mystery.  An alien spacecraft buried in the ground below?  Or a magma hotspot?  Trenton found a crack in the concrete and was convinced that it was the beginning of a volcano.

Our tour concluded with everyone getting Mystery Spot bumper sticker.  And thankfully none of the stickers wound up on my car!


The Mystery Spot was really neat.  A couple things I would do different if I went again though:
- Wear different shoes.  I was slipping and sliding all over that leaning floor without any grip on my shoes!
- The kids had fun, but I’d probably leave them at home next time.  It was hard enough to keep my own balance in that cabin, but having to hold on to small kids made it even harder.

Thanks to Jim and Amanda for suggesting this fun place!  It’s one that we definitely want to visit again!

(Yes, Charlotte wrapped her bumper sticker around her arm.  Amazingly she did not cry when she yanked it off herself.)

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