Friday, September 7, 2012

Butterfly Snack Bags

Today is Charlotte’s day to provide snacks for her preschool class.

If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen the butterfly snacks that have popped up all over the boards.

I decided to try my hand at these cuties.

Butterfly Snack Bags w/ Kix MixButterfly Snack Bags w/ Kix Mix

These were really easy to make, and they turned out so cute!

It wasn’t until I had already started painting the clothespins, that I realized that I should have probably made them all the same.  Hopefully a room full of two year olds aren’t fighting right now over what color they get!

The bags are filled with a Kix snack mix that Trenton and I mixed up yesterday afternoon while Charlotte was napping.

Butterfly Snack Bags w/ Kix Mix

The dried strawberries weren’t exactly what I expected.

“Trenton, would you like to try one of these strawberries?”

“No Mommy!  We don’t eat brown strawberries!”

Butterfly Snack Bags w/ Kix Mix

I was thinking they would be more like the little red pieces that come in the Gerber snacks that my kids used to eat.  Oh well, hopefully Charlotte and her classmates are more open to eating brown strawberries than Trenton was.

For those of you interested in making your own mix, for 15 butterflies I used two-thirds of a box of Kix, two-thirds of the raisins, 2 packages of the strawberries, and 2 packages of the yogurt blueberries.  I filled each snack bag with 2/3 cup of the mix.

I hope that Charlotte’s class is enjoying their snack right now!

Let me know if you have any questions on how I put these together.  I’d be happy to answer! 


WhisperingWriter said...

Very cute!! I usually just bring in pre-packaged stuff.

Nessa said...

Very cute idea, and I like that everything is healthy.

Rebecca English said...

Oh I've seen this on pinterest too but never got round to it. Thanks for the reminder. I will pin it to our board.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

Rebecca English said...

PS I really struggled with getting through your captcha today.