Saturday, September 8, 2012

Game Day, Aggie Band Tuba Practice, and a Football Craft

Trenton came in our room this morning exclaiming, “It’s Aggie Day!”

That’s right!  Today was game day in Aggieland!  The first game of the season.  The first game as members of the SEC.  ESPN’s College Gameday was in town.  This was a big deal.  A day I’ve been waiting for since January.

Of course we had to get a picture in our game day gear.


I had Aggie Band music playing on iTunes before the game started.    The kids love playing marching band, so I made them a tuba (hoop from the trashcan, tube from wrapping paper with a wire hanger inserted in it, a lamp shade, and a whole lot of tape) to practice their skills.

So what could we do during the game so that Jarrod and I could actually pay attention to what was going on?

A paper plate football craft was sure to keep the kids busy!

Paper Plate Football

I drew a football shape onto a couple of paper plates.  Trenton cut his own football out, and I cut Charlotte’s for her.

Then we took some bubble wrap, brushed some brown paint on it, and got to painting our footballs.

Paper Plate FootballPaper Plate Football

Once our footballs dried, I cut slits in them for eights laces, cut a piece of ribbon, and the kids got to stringing. (Well, Trenton did.  Charlotte was napping, and did hers after she woke up.)

Paper Plate FootballPaper Plate Football

The kids love their footballs, and Jarrod and I loved that we were able to pay attention to the game!

Paper Plate Football

The clock ran down before the Aggies could pull out a win (or maybe too late – it would have been nice to call the game at halftime), but we still had a great day!


Eights on the Move said...

Welcome to the SEC! Our Mizzou Tigers could've used a early called game too, as we were winning at one point during our first SEC game :) Here's to next week!

Jenny said...

Welcome to the SEC to you too! I saw part of y'alls game. Better luck to both of our schools this week!

misssrobin said...

What a fun day. My son played in his first varsity game last night. It was awesome! Football is even better when it's my son playing.

Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.