Tuesday, September 11, 2012

“I Want Feel Better”

Trenton has always been a fairly healthy kid, but Charlotte has seemed to catch everything under the sun in her first two and a half years of life.

First were the recurrent ear infections.  Tubes took care of those.

Then there were the UTIs – two of which required hospital stays.

Charlotte went through a short spell of not getting sick, but now it seems like she is catching the stomach bug every time the wind changes direction.

When Charlotte was a baby, I hated that she couldn’t tell me what was wrong and could only cry.  I thought it would be so much easier when she could actually tell me what was wrong.

I have now learned that having a sick child doesn’t get any easier no matter how old they are or how well they can communicate.

Sick Charlotte

“I hurt, Mommy - I need go doctor” andI want feel better” break my heart just as much as the crying and whimpering ever did.

Mom lesson learned– No matter how old your child is, whenever they hurt, you hurt too.


Miz Dinah said...

Aw so hard to have a sick child. I have one with a weak immune system although she seems to be doing much better as she gets older (she's 13). Hope your little girlie's health improves. Stopping by from SITS.

misssrobin said...

It's so much harder to have sick kids than to be sick yourself. So sad. I hope everyone is well now.

Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.

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Hey that was so pathetic to read that your baby had so much difficult time regarding health issue...I have so much well wishes for your baby....thanks..!

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