Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Disneyland Vacation: Disneyland Park

Okay, so everyone has heard that Disneyland is a magical place. 

Let me tell you, all of that hype is true.


Little missy couldn’t wait to go through the castle.  She hopped right out of the stroller and made a run for it.


And Trenton loved mapping out our day.


Seeing my kids experience Disneyland was amazing.  I was excited about Disneyland myself, but seeing Trenton and Charlotte experience the park took that to a whole other level. 

They loved the rides and characters (even though their faces didn’t always show it).


As we walked through the Disneyland turnstiles, my dad told me that his parents had visited the park before they adopted him.  So my grandparents had been in the same park we were walking through sometime between 1955 when the park opened and fall of 1958 when my dad came along.

Some of the rides that we rode were original to the park.  Maybe my dad’s parents rode the same rides all those years ago.


Oh how I wish Grandpa John and Grandma Lucie were still alive so I could hear their Disneyland stories.  Or would have kept a journals.  I wonder if there are pictures from the trip anywhere?  I’m on a mission now to learn more about it!

So there you have it – our Disney vacation!  I’m already trying to convince Jarrod that we need to go again!  Or maybe on a Disney cruise…

Until then – go wish upon those stars!


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