Sunday, September 30, 2012

T-M-C Weekend

My parents left on their long drive back to Texas yesterday.  Jarrod is a week into his third quarter at Naval Postgraduate School, and this quarter is shaping up to be his hardest thus far.  He has spent pretty much the whole weekend holed up at school studying.

So that meant that the kids and I were on our own this weekend.  It was a Trenton-Mommy-Charlotte Weekend!

T-M-C Weekend started out at the Marina Equestrian Center for their open house.  There was a bouncy house, face painting, horse-drawn carriage rides, a petting zoo, pony rides, and horse shows.  And it was all FREE!

Charlotte loved the petting zoo.  This little bunny sat in her lap for over 5 minutes.


Trenton didn’t enjoy holding his bunny because “it won’t stay still!”.


I can’t say that I blame the poor little bunny!

Trenton did like watching all of the petting zoo animals though – especially the goat that kept trying to eat my shirt!


Next up on our equestrian center agenda – pony rides.

Charlotte was put on a cranky old stubborn pony.  By the time her pony decided to actually move, Trenton’s pony had made it almost all the way around the arena.


Next we hopped on the horse-drawn carriage for a short ride down the road and back.


When we got home from the equestrian center, my little assistants helped me whip up a batch of cookies.

making cookies 1

We were trying out a new recipe – Nutella and Sea Salt Stuffed Sugar Cookies (click on the link for the recipe – you’ll thank me later!).

making cookies 2

Can you tell that they liked helping stuff the cookies with Nutella?

And oh my goodness gracious – these cookies were GOOD.  They easily make my all list of all-time favorite cookies.  I’m fairly certain that they will not last more than 48 hours in my house.

Today the mercury rose up above 70 degrees.  And you know what that means around here – Beach Day!  (Isn’t it funny that when autumn brings 70-degree weather to Texas – my home state – everyone breaks out the jackets, but when autumn brings the central California coast 70-degree weather, every one hits the beach?!?!)

We have a ton of choices when it comes to choosing a beach to visit, and today we chose one that we hadn’t visited before – Marina State Beach.

Marina State Beach

I came armed with snacks – the cookies that we made yesterday and some watermelon slices.

DSC_1666_1Watermelon Slice on a Popsicle Stick

The kids thought that it was really fun to have their watermelon slices on popsicle sticks!

Watermelon Slice on a Popsicle StickWatermelon Slice on a Popsicle Stick

After snack time, it was time to get dirty!  The kids dug for treasure and collected bubbles brought in by the surf.  We even did our best to bury Trenton (quite the task when the child being buried won’t stay still and the other child is trying to “wipe sand off Trenton”).


With a tough quarter of school ahead for Jarrod, I’m seeing a few more T-M-C Weekends in our future.  Stay tuned for more adventures!

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