Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trains, Big Trees, and the Beach

We’ve been up to Roaring Camp Railroad a few times, and we love it.  We took Jarrod’s mom a few weeks ago for a ride up Bear Mountain, and ever since then, Trenton has been bugging us to take the train to the beach.

He got his wish this weekend.


We boarded the train Saturday morning and were waiting to get going when an older man, his wife, and two teenage kids (I assume grandkids) boarded and sat in the seats in front of us.  Trenton’s eyes got really big as he told me and Jarrod, “That’s SANTA CLAUS!”

He was so excited that Santa was on our train, and about halfway through our trip, Trenton worked up the courage to go talk to the man.

“Hi!  What’s your name?”

“I’m Santa!”

Trenton was in HEAVEN!  He peppered Santa with all kinds of questions and made sure that Santa knew that he wants a race car for Christmas.

Santa on the Train

The ride into Santa Cruz was great.  The kids loved watching the scenery change the closer we got to the beach. 


Once we got to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, we bought some ride tickets, and were ready to have some fun!  The carousel was right next to the ticket booth, so of course that was the first thing we had to ride.  Everyone had to wait on us since the ride couldn’t start with Charlotte crying.  I knew that she would love the carousel, and I was right.  After the carousel, she was ready to ride anything – some rides twice!


Trenton isn’t scared of any of the rides, and REALLY wanted to ride the roller coasters.  He has a few years to go before he’s tall enough for those!

(Mommy rode the Starfish once, and her tummy didn’t think it would be smart to ride it again!) 

After a boardwalk style lunch, we went to play putt-putt golf – the kids first putt-putt experience.


I’m pretty sure the PGA and LPGA won’t be calling any time soon…

After 18 holes, the beach was calling our name.


Trenton befriended a lady who let him borrow her bucket.  He put some water in it and was content playing in the sand.


Charlotte had a blast playing in the surf.  She would watch the waves and then try to outrun the incoming surf.


My camera was loving this girl on the beach!


After getting a lot dirty and maybe just a little wet, it was snack time.  Trenton picked Dippin’ Dots, Jarrod had a soft serve cone, and I had a jalapeno soft pretzel stuffed with pepper jack cheese. 

And Charlotte?  She chose what had to be the world’s biggest doughnut!


After a few more rides, it was time to board the train and head back up to Roaring Camp.  I was sure that Trenton and Charlotte would fall asleep on the ride back, but they proved me wrong. 

Trenton loved being on the lookout for people to wave to as the train made its way through Santa Cruz.


Whew!  This made for a really long day.  We were all beat, but boy did we have a fun day!  And after our busy day, the kids actually slept “late” (7:30 in our house) the next morning! 

(This was our second trip the the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  To read about our first visit – where Charlotte rode ZERO rides – click HERE.)

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