Friday, October 19, 2012

A Fall Break Mini Vacation

Trenton and Charlotte have been on fall break from preschool this week.

I got brave (or maybe crazy depending on how you look at it!), and decided to take them up to Oakland - on my own while Jarrod was in school- for a mini vacation. 

The first stop was the Oakland Zoo.  I had heard wonderful things about the San Francisco Zoo, but I didn’t know anyone who had ever been to Oakland’s zoo.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  The zoo was really great!  It was good size but not huge; I didn’t bring a stroller, and the kids were able to walk the whole zoo.  It wasn’t crowded either; it was great not having to fight crowds. 

The zoo has a kiddie ride area just outside the zoo’s gate that we just had to visit.  Charlotte got a little mad when she found out that she wasn’t tall enough to ride a few of the rides.  Trenton had fun though!


The rides area also boasted the Outback Express, a train that took passengers into the Wild Australia area.

Outback Express

We loved seeing all of the animals in the African Safari area.  The habitats were done really nicely.  They were big and the animals had plenty of room to roam.  We got to see some of the animals playing around.  One of the elephants was giving itself a dust bath.  The kids asked why they can’t take their baths in dust!


There were a lot more animals and some fun kids areas.

Lily PadsDSC_2202_1 

The kids were worn out after a fun day at the zoo.  And so was Mommy!

The next morning we were off again.  This time to the Chabot Space and Science Center.

Trenton has been planning to have an outerspace party for his “4 birthday” since the spring, so I knew that this place was going to be a big hit!

I was a little bummed that the Bill Nye kids area was closed for renovations, but we still had a lot of fun.  There was another kids area with toys that we played in, and we looked at some of the exhibits.


Trenton got to climb in the Mercury capsule and land the lunar module.  The kid was in hog heaven!


Trenton kept telling Charlotte that he was going to blast off.  She wanted to “stay with Mommy on Earff” so she didn’t climb in any of the exhibits.

We watched a really cute planetarium show – The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket.  It was a cartoon about two little boys who built a cardboard rocket and went to outerspace.  I kept having to remind Charlotte that we were in a theater at the space center on Earth.

Even when given the choice between an Earth cake pop and a Venus cake pop, she picked Earth.


I guess astronaut isn’t on her list of what she wants to be when she grows up!

After the space center, we headed back down to Monterey.  Daddy sure was excited to have us back home!  We were glad to be home too.  Even after a fun vacation, sleeping in your own bed (or “floor bed” if you’re my kids) is nice!


tracie said...

That zoo looks like so much fun! I have been waiting to take my daughter til she gets bigger. Found you via the blog hop. Newest follower!


My Traveling Troop said...

I heard of Fairyland in Oakland, but didn't realize there were so many other kid-friendly attractions in the city. Thanks for sharing! Your Oakland adventures looked like fun!


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

I love going to the zoo! Now that I have a baby on the way, I'll actually have an excuse to go. :) It looks like you had a wonderful time with your adorable little ones. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on Saturday for Sharefest! :)

Jenny said...

Thanks! It was a great zoo and very kid friendly!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Kristina! We had a really good time! I heard about Fairyland too. We didn't have time to visit on this trip. Maybe another time!

Jenny said...

I am such a big kid - my husband and I hit up all kinds of zoos before we had kids! You will have a lot of fun showing your little one the animals!

Cheryl L said...

The zoo is one of my fave places to go with my kids. Sadly, we haven't had time this year as it's getting cold in Toronto. Yay for a Fall mini vacation!

Found you through the blog hop ;)

Cheryl @